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2009 Flashback

30 Nov


Like embers burnt from the fire snuffed,

Left black as night, remains now dust.

The hollow core feigns the vast,

Hedged in the confines of pains from the past.


The crevice winks to the trickling stream,

drop by drop invites the waters gleam.

Embers turn and lose their night,

The hollow core quivers in fright.

Will the waters glint the surface touch?


Will the hedge too high withhold its rush?

The somber dust, the hollow core,

nay will answer as before.

Rivka Bent


A Sleepless Night

2 Aug

In my grief…

I do not want to become someone I would not want to meet.
Though the shoes I wear now, are too big for my feet.
Trepidation ensues more often than not, as the girl in the mirror reflects the distraught.
The edge now seems nearer while calm lives at bay.
Rest for the soul is not mine…
At least not for today.
“To have a friend, you must be a friend,” a motto of mine.
Spoon fed to my children, yet I, myself, am behind.
The joy in the living right now is slightly snuffed out, as my daily commute passes right by his house.
A strange place indeed, I feel overwhelmed.
These shoes are too big.
But how?
More sleep do I need? It is only 3:30.
Though the A in the M, I admit, is a bit early.
So much I want, more capable cause.
But these shoes now too big, hinder my paws.
Thoughts are much scattered.  Life’s chores piling high.
Move on now I must, though I don’t want to.
Not I.
I don’t want to become someone I would not want to meet.
Yet in these shoes I wear now, I am quite incomplete.

Mi Canto

6 Jun

Este dolor no me puedo aguantar.  Es una pesa muy duro, encima de mi cuerpo, arrancando mi alma.

Entiendo ya los sentimientos de Alfonsina Storni, aunque la escogía suya no será mi camino.

Entiendo ya el canción La Llorona.  Soy ella.  Tengo el vacilo en mi vida, el profundo silencio en vez de mi hijo.

Entiendo ya, un dolor doloroso, pesado, sin enternecer.

Entiendo ya, lo que me entiendo.  Soy la madre sin el hijo.

the cane

No Longer Needed

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