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30 Aug

I wanted to use the ‘bienvenidos’ title for my first post, however, I am still having trouble navigating this new format so I decided to create a new post just so I could write my chosen title. Not the cleverest way to beat the system, but it’s what I’ve got in me currently!

I am up past midnight tonight, an unusual occurrence for me; come sundown my brain and body start thinking “prone!”  But tonight I needed to get some record keeping done for Cole, email his doctors, and pay a few of my own bills, because tomorrow morning is Cole’s last session with his volunteer aquatics therapist.  I have dreamed of his entire carepages group showing up to the Ole Hanson pool tomorrow morning at 10:20a.m. just to give this dear woman a standing ovation–what an incredible blessing she has been to Cole…his mental, emotional, and physical progress has been so successful, for the most part, because of her.  So here I go, “Bravo Vicky, Bravo” (and the crowd hoots, hollers, and cheers).

Then come the early afternoon I’m off to see the hand specialist for my broken finger (boo hissss), which is why I needed to stay up tonight because tomorrow waits for no-one, and that no-one is me.  Now I really do not intend to use this blog to bore anyone with my moment to moment details (facebook or twitter style), I merely wanted to say welcome, or bienvenidos, and got carried away…more than likely due to the fact I need to turn in (for my mind has turned off).   I will waste no more of your good minutes; goodnight.


…and the crowd hoots, hollers, and cheers

Hello world!

27 Aug

If you made it here, you found your way a lot quicker than I!  I am lost in a new language of HTML and blog lingo that I am working on figuring out.  What exactly is a widget?!  Do I really need to care about it?  Unfortunately the standardized help page isn’t simple enough for my impatient ways.  But I do know that as I use this format more frequently, I will learn of its potential and my blog just might become visually impressive…or not.  My enjoyment is not in computer graphics, or at least producing them (for I am a marketers dream), but in writing and sharing in life.  In Spanish it is called, ‘disfrutando’.  I love the Spanish rendition, for any word that has the phonetics of ‘fruit’ in it has to imply enjoyment; which ‘disfrutar’ absolutely does.

I am glad you have found me, and I look forward to sharing with you.  ‘Disfrutamos todos’.

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