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Hello world!

27 Aug

If you made it here, you found your way a lot quicker than I!  I am lost in a new language of HTML and blog lingo that I am working on figuring out.  What exactly is a widget?!  Do I really need to care about it?  Unfortunately the standardized help page isn’t simple enough for my impatient ways.  But I do know that as I use this format more frequently, I will learn of its potential and my blog just might become visually impressive…or not.  My enjoyment is not in computer graphics, or at least producing them (for I am a marketers dream), but in writing and sharing in life.  In Spanish it is called, ‘disfrutando’.  I love the Spanish rendition, for any word that has the phonetics of ‘fruit’ in it has to imply enjoyment; which ‘disfrutar’ absolutely does.

I am glad you have found me, and I look forward to sharing with you.  ‘Disfrutamos todos’.