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My Mistake

4 Oct

I have caught myself a product of my own impatience.  In my last post I promised to showcase a scene of poor auditory quality because it was the scene in its entirety.  However, in my haste to finish the  post I did not truly watch that particular clip from beginning to end.  I have just now finished watching it, with my husband, only to learn it was completely edited.  Most of the emotion was cut and the piano was present.  Yes, the final words spoken of 1900 to his “founder of jazz” opponent was present, but the clip was NOT the scene in its entirety, as I had written.  Bummer!
To make up for this indiscretion of mine, I am including two more clips.  A, more emotional, and better sound quality of the piano duel, as well as another scene which is called “The Waltz”.

Again, my apologies.

The Legend of 1900

1 Oct

Every so often I like to showcase a movie review–mine to be specific.  “The Legend of 1900,” happens to be on my list of favorite movies (though I had quite forgotten about it until this past week).  It is the first English speaking film put out by the Italian filmmaker, Giuseppe Tornatore.  It is one of those movies that I enjoyed so much, I allowed my children to endure the influence of the “F-word”, at a young age, because the set and storyline supersede the placement of the explicative.  Well actually, I don’t think I allowed Esther to see the movie in its entirety when she was a wee one, though I most certainly would now.  Cole, on the other hand, was allowed to watch it through to completion.  It is rated “R”, for language only (never mind that the ‘PG’ rating from the 1980’s permitted full female nudity such as in the cult classic, “16 Candles”).  And though the movie is purely fictional, the depth of the character portrayals draws the viewer in causing one to come away from the film believing the story to be a true account.  Brilliant film making if you ask me.

Additionally, the film is a period piece, it moves between the mid 1940’s (post war) to the vibrant 1920’s (mostly aboard a cruise liner, similar in elegance to the Titanic).  I would love to give away the ending (actually Wikipedia does), however I realize some people like to be in the dark, regarding a story’s outcome, and so to respect that possibility I will refrain.  But just know that I LOVE how this movie ends.  Which in and of itself reflects upon my homage to film noir, though the term can only be loosely applied to Legend of 1900.

Now the one particular scene (…I believe the only scene I allowed Esther to partake in previously), which I am including a viewing link to, is a piano duel between the lead protagonist, 1900,  and the other pianist who in the film is considered the “inventor of jazz”.  Not only do I enjoy this segment because the set is aboard the fantastic elegance of the cruise ship, but also because the piano playing, and parlaying of talents, is wonderfully showcased.  I am a lover of percussion…no wonder my offspring are both drummers, beginning their formal musical instruction on the piano (informal on guitar, harmonica, conga drum, and bongos–courtesy their Dad).  At any rate, getting myself back to the dual scene.  The man, 1900, is a humble lover of music.  His gift is genuine and his buddy, who had placed a wager that he would win, is sweating because 1900 is allowing himself to get wrapped up in the melodies of the talented opponent.  Ideally he should, in the mind of his friend (and I should mention narrator of the movie), be contriving his inner competitive nature to get the job done and win the duel.  Meanwhile the, quite accomplished, other pianist is too in love with himself to appreciate the opportunity at hand.  And in the end, as the good book states, his pride is the means of his undoing (“Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”  Proverbs 16:18).

The clip I am featuring is not the best quality clip I could have chosen.  However, the better quality clip omits a significant line or two at the end and I feel the integrity of seeing the scene in its entirety trumps the auditory perk.  Besides, I am hoping this movie review will “wet your whistle”, or entice your desire, to see the movie for yourself.  I am also curious to know if any of you are familiar with this film.  I have yet to run across another who is “in the know.”  🙂



Spam Fried and Personal

23 Aug

I love my spam folder.  I love it  because it holds such promise.  Promise such as emails awaiting me in the folder that say the nicest things.  Things such as, “Hello.  I love your post bringing me super inspired.” And, “Dear Web-admin, much show you nice work…”   Now who wouldn’t love such praise?  Especially as I read the eloquence of the sentence and then scroll over the link from the sender to find an array of pretty, shiny watches or weight loss information.  Isn’t that just the highest compliment one can receive?

Ok I admit my brain is a bit fried which is why I even perused my spam folder in the first place.  Hence the title, “Spam Fried” but feel free to say ‘fried spam’ if that fits your fancy.  Though I assure you, the food from a can will never grace a fry pan o’ mine!

This past weekend, as mentioned in my last post, we attended the wedding of a cousin.  Funny thing is, only a few days before did she reach out and ask my husband to officiate.  So what was going to be, for us, a one day affair turned quickly into much more than that.  In addition to that particular emotional celebration, my little brother proposed to his girl on Sunday.  It was important to him to have all of us present for the proposal (which made for a lot of back and forth driving for us from the coast to the inland), and we are, each and every one, quite touched that he and his betrothed shared the big question in front of family witnesses.  I have only ever been involved in one other proposal, my own.  And being included in his, feels very special.  Alas, a full circle experience!

Yet accompanied with the wedding bell theme…

While down in southern Cal for the weekend, my brother-in-law was offered a job.  A position too wonderful to refuse.  The only caveat (Cole, my son, and I have decided we cannot stand the word “caveat”…it just sounds so pretentious.  Yet it is a good fit, regardless of my judgment of it), it will relocate his family (my sister and her children) and they won’t be ready for the move for at least a year, probably two.  Thus, they will have a commuting husband/father for a quite a while which is not an easy task especially with a newborn and toddler (actually the family dynamic includes a 5 year old niece and a father-in-law as well–but that’s just a little sprinkling of “salt and pepper” to add a bit of spice to life.  Right?).  I know the role of commuting family members is tough on the nuclear unit because I am aware of the difficulty military families go through and also because I have a good friend whose family is enduring the hardship of a similar circumstance.  But all said and done, the job offer is quite a ‘honey’ of a deal…it also means I potentially have more family in southern Cal, which excites my very soul.  Whew, what a weekend!

Additionally, on Monday, of this week, my sixteen year old daughter began her adventure as a full time college student.  Which is a scary thought for her father, her brother, and I because she looks and acts older than 16, yet she is quite naive–though very intelligent and full of wisdom.  Yes, Esther is a ‘college student imposter’.  Ironically, so am I.  I, too, had to return to college this week.  I have an obligation to “endeavor to earn the good grade advanced to me by a most compassionate and understanding teacher” (a class I had to walk away from when my son went into the hospital back in March 2011).  And last night toward the end of a group discussion, the subject of me having a daughter on campus came up.  A fellow compadre, with a shocked look on her face exclaimed, “You have a daughter here?  I thought you were my age!”  Her age being twenty-one.  “No, I even have a son older than my daughter.”  …now that is the kind of compliment I should find in my spam folder, for if those types of good words were present, I would not think twice to approve them for publishing!  So yes, my daughter and I have a sting operation going at our local community college.  Though there is no trepidation for my husband and son, regarding my naivety.

Amidst the above hullabaloo,   I found the time to venture to my local, and favorite, independent movie theater.  And believe it or not, both my daughter and husband were able to be by my side though the decision was a spontaneous one.  We watched a French film titled, “The Intouchables.”  For those of you reading this blog via email, iphone, or ipad, I have included a video link to the trailer.  Essentially, it was one of the best movie’s I have seen in quite a while…since seeing the movie, “Made in Dagenham“.  The three of us became lost in the story, the humor, and the sentimentality.  So much so that we forgot we were reading subtitles.  If you have the ability to venture out to a movie, I highly recommend “The Intouchables.”

The Intouchables movie tickets

Movie Ticket Stubs

Back to Spam Fried and Personal…

This has been one hell of a week!  I use the word, ‘hell’ to give an informal nod to the young Oklahoma valedictorian student who has yet to receive her high school diploma because she used the bad word in her live speech.  At any rate, it really has been a hell of a week.  For that reason, I am hiding behind wedding and family bliss with a little nonsense thrown in for fluff.  I know the good Lord is ‘working things together for good’ because I know that we ‘love him and are called according to his purpose’ (Romans 8:28).  But oh how it hurts, which is where I will leave it.  Now go to the movie theater, and like Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island used to say, “Smiles, everyone, smiles.”


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