My Mistake

4 Oct

I have caught myself a product of my own impatience.  In my last post I promised to showcase a scene of poor auditory quality because it was the scene in its entirety.  However, in my haste to finish the  post I did not truly watch that particular clip from beginning to end.  I have just now finished watching it, with my husband, only to learn it was completely edited.  Most of the emotion was cut and the piano was present.  Yes, the final words spoken of 1900 to his “founder of jazz” opponent was present, but the clip was NOT the scene in its entirety, as I had written.  Bummer!
To make up for this indiscretion of mine, I am including two more clips.  A, more emotional, and better sound quality of the piano duel, as well as another scene which is called “The Waltz”.

Again, my apologies.

Love to hear from you!

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