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The Little Things

2 Aug

I haven’t had time to write for pleasure this week.  And because I have only a few moments to post something before my eyelids bring my system to a close, and because it will be a few more days before I have the energy-opportunity convergence which will allow me to indulge my cathartic pen, I will share a few tidbits that have been mulling about in the vacant space of my mind (which doesn’t offer much room, though that point my siblings and good friends would argue).:

  • If you clean your ear with a dirty Q-tip, the result can be most alarming!
  • The blog, www.igamemom.com is a valuable “apps” resource.
  • Cleaning up after a dead rodent, in the kitchen, is nauseating.
  • I love my family.
  • Silver hair is beautiful, gray hairs are not.
  • This life is hard, yet full of fun adventures.
  • Math after 3:00p.m. should be against the law.
  • Speaking of law, traffic signals at freeway entrances are for everyone else; not me!
  • I am in love with the moon, with Moliere, with Voltaire; With Rousseau, Ibsen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…with sleep.


P.s. Please check out the blog I mentioned, the information it provides is most valuable (and truly does not deserve to be categorized with the rest of my delirium).



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