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Better Homes and Garbage

20 Feb

I am clawing my way out of a hole.  A hole I cannot see, touch, nor feel.  I’m merely encircled in it.  Ever find yourself encircled by a circle?  Entwined in a vine?  Entranced in expanse?  Oy Vey, I shall stop there!  Enough with the quasi rhyme-y, alliteration wanna be(s).

My hole is easily defined, for it is wallpapered with ingratitude.  I shall therefore attempt to remember (this phrase is key, for when one is under a great deal of stress, remembering things–the right things–is a challenge) to set my thoughts upon the Heavenly before touching my feet to the ground.  I shall attempt to remember to greet my Almighty Father first thing in the morning, before I lift my head from my pillow.  And by doing so, the redecorating process begins.


Another song to help lift the spirit…

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