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Bird Flew

2 Apr

I am currently in northern California.  San Jose to be exact.  I drove my son, Cole and his dog, Piper, up from southern Cal, yesterday.  It should have been a six hour drive, but due to an incinerated vehicle in Los Angeles and heavy traffic all the way through, we made it up here in seven and one half hours.

Let me tell you, I am tired today!

We are again up here so Cole can receive the neurological acupuncture treatments from Dr.’s Zhu and Moyee.  The plan is for treatments every day, except Sundays, for the next two weeks.  I will fly home for this upcoming weekend and fly back on Monday.  In my absence, my brother in law is taking charge.  For you new readers to this blog, my son’s face is paralyzed, his balance altered, and he lacks full ocular function.

Anyway, today I took him to his appointment at 11:30a.m.  I then took Piper to an, almost always, empty dog park.  When I reunited with Cole an hour later, he could move the upper portion of his nose…bilaterally!  It is just incredible and almost unbelievable…even when I’m first hand witness to it.  We then took a break for lunch back at our hotel room.  And while Cole finished his bento-box, Piper and I went down to the outdoor pool and jacuzzi area.  Both of which are enclosed by a gate so I was able to take her off leash while I dipped my feet in the warmth of the jacuzzi and made a few phone calls.

The reasons I am so wiped out today is one, I was up working past midnight the night before we left.  Two, I drove all the day in traffic yesterday.  Three, last night I had crashing-the-car-nightmares which kept waking me with a jolt.  Four, I had a dog on my bed the whole night.  Five, I’m wrangling our luggage, my purse, the car and hotel doors, my son, his dog, my beverage, and the hotel room/door key.  Shoot, that last one is enough to make me tired all by itself.  I’ve decided I need to hire a “Rivka Wrangler”.  Anyone looking for a job?  I pay with “please and thank you!” 🙂

Well we finished up at the clinic today at 4p.m.  Actually, Cole called it quits…his threshold had been met.  So with us both being so tired I knew I needed to let Piper have one more go round on the enclosed courtyard grass before heading up to our room (where I hoped to land for a while).  But as my life would have it, my full-proof, proactive planning, backfired.  Piper spied a cute bird couple “twitterpating”… and then all of a sudden, BAM!! …one was in her mouth.  She then paraded her kill while the other widowed avian spouse flew around quite disgruntled.

So here I was, just a few minutes ago, first day in our hotel and my son’s dog hunts, kills, parades, and then proceeds to eat one of the little birdies that lives here.  I don’t even know what to say…  After I once again wrangled Piper back onto her leash (after her first victory she was ready for round two, three, who knows probably four and five), we returned to Cole in our room and I told him what had happened.  He asked, “Did anybody see?”   “Heck if I know,” was my reply–because I nabbed Piper as fast as I could and pretty much ran back to our room.

I called Brian and told him.  I also mentioned, “I am not much for ‘animal kingdom’.  I don’t even know what or how to handle a bird eating dog!”  To which he replied, “Me neither.”


p.s. Still no migraine, even with lack of sleep, a stressful drive, a son, and a bird dog!

Beauty AND the Beast!


6 Dec

Cole and I are back in San Jose.  We are in a hotel, and Piper (the dog) is with us.  Our room is spacious and the hotel package comes with daily complimentary breakfast and dinner.  And if I don’t look too closely, and if I don’t acknowledge the taste of tin in the beans and enchiladas,  I am happy and grateful to have the spacious room and food to eat.  It’s all in how you look at it, right?!

The last time we were up here Dr. Zhu wanted Cole to keep the needles in his scalp until bedtime (at the very least), but Cole wasn’t comfortable going back to the house, of my god parents, with needles still intact.  And I confess, I proclaimed that I didn’t want to be a part of the removal process.  So it worked out that the doctor removed them just before we left the clinic, thus Cole and my inhibitions were catered to, and we did not have to rise to yet another occasion.  But that is not the case this time.  Being that we are in a “hotel” (I use the word loosely, only because it reminds me more of a motel–though the staff are very kind), Cole decided to give it a go…and who am I to get in the way of progress!?  So just a few moments ago, after ingesting my free meal, I removed the needles.  WHEW!!

By the way, we both survived.  …just a few drops of blood!

Having Piper with us has been interesting.  We went first to Sacramento so we could attend the memorial service of my Aunt Hilda on Saturday.  My mom graciously agreed to house us all for the 2 days we were there.  She allowed Piper to take over her house as well as utilize her back yard.  Then we came to the “hotel”.  Piper is adjusting, but not having an enclosed yard is trying–for her and for me.  In fact, I need to wrap up this post because I need to take ‘her majesty’ out to do her business before we all turn in.  I have been on the mad search for an enclosed dog park so our little lady can go off leash for a time (she’s not used to doing her “main business” on leash), and thanks to my connections in the bay area (Stacey), I know where to go when tomorrow comes.

Uh oh, Cole just asked me if I smell cigarette smoke.  Yes I do.  The “hotel” is non-smoking, but that is all a matter of PERSPECTIVE!  So Cole and I (and Piper too) are deciding to like the smell of stale. second-hand smoke wafting down the hallway.  At least we don’t have carpeted floors.  In fact, I am sitting on the couch typing and there is a full length mirror in front of me.  I have just told my mirror-image that it’s a good time for a walk.  So ciao for now.

Cole and Piper on the couch in our hotel--needles still in!


A Wrinkle in Time

26 Nov

A Wrinkle in Time is NOT a nod to Madeleine L’Engle; though her book by the same title is one of my all time favorites.  No, my title is reflective of the condition and transformational process of raising a teenager!  For those of you who have passed this stage of life, you will smile with a sage wisdom of someone who has made it through this battle zone.  If you have yet to trod this rough terrain yourself, you will have all the answers for every scenario connected to the hormonally raging adolescent–and happy to offer them I’m sure.  And, if you are presently in the throngs of being witness to your child as angel with horns, as I am, then you will understand more profoundly the implication of my title.

I know, I know, I have nothing to complain about…Esther is a dream!  It is true, she is.  She is kind, loving, productive, and willing to learn…BUT, she is still a teenager.  And dream or no dream, she can incite, in me, a wrath so deeply felt that in the moment of my vexation I feel it more safe to run away, than to open my mouth.  In fact, I have found myself screaming (with my inner voice only), “Abort, Abort, Abort!”  And in order to apply the directive within a reasonable amount of time, I begin to fantasize about my private Greek island.  You know the one where no-one can find me.  The isle of enchantment where I can stay while she finishes this important phase of life.  My plan is to emerge from my sabbatical with not one furrow in my brow, nor one (more) line added to my face, nor white hair to my head.  In my fantasy I have managed to avert the distress of my daughter’s adolescent folly, molding, and maturation.  And with this avoidance I plan to find, in her stead, a beautifully stable woman who walks in wisdom and strength.  AAAhhhh what a lovely idea!

Along the lines (no pun intended) of wrinkles…I am taking Cole back to Zhu’s Neuro-Acupuncture Center http://www.scalpacupuncture.org, the week after next. And because Cole and Piper (both) feel they need to be with each other, I consequently need to find a different lodging situation (our previous hosts politely declined Piper’s stay due to their own canine companion).  We have received a couple of very generous donations which helped toward gas last time, and will actually cover the treatment this next time (how can I ever thank my precious Aunts?!).   And in all honesty, if it weren’t for the fact that I wholeheartedly believe Cole will regain his full vision under the treatment and therapy regimen of Dr. Zhu, I wouldn’t take pains to make the trip again (especially with a dog).    But since I am, I am asking for help, or a favor…

Right now I am looking into a hotel room for the three of us-Cole, Piper, and myself (a confinement which is sure to place new creases in my brow).  I am also perusing VRBO.com and will contact a couple of condo owners to ask them if they will donate some nights to our cause (fund-raising is not my forte, but I will give it a go just the same).  So if any of you has a connection with either an available home/condo/apartment or hotel in the San Jose area, please pass the blessing onto to us.  I promise you, we are very grateful recipients–though mentioning it is quite embarrassing.

So there you have it; The good, the bad, the wrinkled, and the needy…oh what fun!  Now don’t you just hear the beckoning of Greece?!

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