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22 Nov

I am sitting here at my home computer.  Yes, home.  Cole and I have returned safely.  And although Piper went for an accidental swim one night in our absence, and though I had to rush Buddy (our little chihuahua/terrier) to the Vet Clinic last night because Piper saw fit to take a bite out of his neck and ear, for the most part the house is in order.  So here I sit in luxury with a portable heater to keep my feet and exposed ankles warm, coupled with ‘Rachmaninoff fan radio’ streaming from Pandora’s box.  Brian is in his 7p.m. position on the couch (eyes closed), Cole is finishing his dinner, and Esther is off yonder-armed with a new driver’s license and a willing accomplice…her vehicle.  And today I have decided it would be a blatant injustice to not return Cole to San Jose for another week of intensified treatment.  Brian agrees.  Cole is on the fence–for two reasons only.

  1. He doesn’t want to be away from Piper for another week.
  2. The treatment is a lot of work, and it’s exhausting.

I guess the treatment, for Cole, is akin to having hemorrhoids post childbirth.  After birth, you have in your life a new bundle of joy, with hopes and promises for the future.  Yet the whole process of bearing-down has left you with a sore anal sphincter.  But does the memory of the pain override your biological nature, and keep you from further pro-creation?  Of course not–at least not from the act of trying! 🙂  I know, I know…Cole wouldn’t describe his comprehensive acupuncture treatment using the same metaphorical approach as I have, but I’m sure the women reading this will get it!

The photos I am including in this post showcase more of the facility, as well as Dr. Moyee working alongside Cole by massaging and exercising the muscles in his face and eyes that have lay dormant these past 8 months.  The fact that they are waking up and showing signs of new life are so exciting!  He can feel his face, he can feel his foot, he can move his eye balls left and almost right.  I cannot ignore this renaissance!!  Nor can Brian (and in truth, nor can Cole).  Even his physical therapist today said she noticed an improved coordination on his left side–the side effected by his stroke incident!  There is also a photo of Dr. Moyee guiding Cole on his balance and gait.  To not return to the same intensive, hands on, comprehensive care, I feel would NOT be a prudent decision.  …one more week, Cole, one more week!

The photo of the ‘Oscar Mayer Wienermobile’ is just an added bonus–our prelude before the Grapevine.  It kind of reminds me of what an actual hemorrhoid looks like, so its placement here is appropriate, though the reasoning not so much…  What can I say, things in life seem to always point me toward some kind of hole! 🙂




Walking In Miracles

17 Nov

I have wanted to write a post with the above title previous to our trek up north because we truly have the privilege of walking in miracles while also walking in adversity.  You might ask, “so when you say, ‘miracles’, what does that mean?”  Well it is my pleasure to explain myself…(not so surprising, I know! :))

Miracles abound in our life.  When I say ‘miracle’ I reference occurrences that are difficult to explain by way of the natural and the physical; or at least our knowledge of the two.  For example, Piper, the dog, came to our life to be a companion to Cole.  We, of course, can put our finger on the inter-human connections that led to Pipers arrival (even though the hand of G-d was most definitely upon that labyrinth).  But just for argument sake, let us say that Piper’s route to our home is completely explainable in the physical world, but her actions…that is another story.

Piper is deathly afraid of EVERY male that comes into her presence, including Brian.  Brian feeds her.  Brian walks her.  Brian gives her treats.  She, however, will not warm up to him whatsoever.  She will only take the treats from his hand when I am near him, assuring her of her safety.  Yet Piper is 100% attached to Cole.  She sits at his feet.  Walks beside him.  Knows where he is and checks on him when he is in the house.  When Cole is gone to therapy, she pulls his clothes out of his hamper and keeps them on her bed.  She plays with him, wakes him in the morning, and protects him when other males come to visit.  She is his!  Piper’s breeder, Susan, is confounded regarding her shunning of men.  Susan assured us Piper’s training, as a show dog, ensured she had no problem being with and around different people.  In fact, her handler for the past 5 years was a man, and Piper is 6.  Well I think you now have the idea.  Piper is perplexing, but her love and commitment toward Cole is nothing short of a Miracle.  And even though Brian longs so sincerely for Piper to like him, he is sustained because he is witness to this phenomenal act.

So here we are in northern Cal partaking in this new treatment for Cole, acupuncture.  Scalp acupuncture to be more precise.  In fact, I am writing this update right here in the chair next to Cole.  Cole is lying down, and his face is doing double duty as a pin cushion.  Today is a hard day for him.  On the way here, this morning, he said (in dry Cole fashion), “I’m irritated because this method is having an impact and I wish it didn’t, ’cause it hurts.”  To let you know, the very first day of treatment Cole could feel his face.  Then at dinner that night, the dog (Tucker), sat on Cole’s left foot and he exclaimed, “I can feel my foot!”  In case you didn’t know, Cole’s left foot has been numb post surgery; as has been his face.  He also deals with constant GI issues such as, nausea and overproduction of stomach acid.  That first evening after treatment, no nausea.  No nausea yesterday.  Additionally, yesterday (his second treatment), Cole’s left eye moved laterally.

Now as often happens with me, I am already tired of seeing and hearing the word, “miracle”.  For long before I actually hit the button to publish this post, I have thought the thoughts, read and re-read my words, and discussed the sentiments a few times with family and friends.  So I truly hesitate to call this experience miraculous, but only because the word itself has been over played in my head.  And perhaps because G-d has been so faithful to allow our family to walk in miracle after miracle, that to me the phenomenal has become the common place.  And to that I say, with loud enthusiasm and deep sincerity, “THANK YOU”!!!

I am attaching photos.  Don’t look if you don’t have the stomach for it.  Also, please know Dr. Zhu and Dr. Moyee are 100% committed to the healing of the individuals who cross their path.  They have a comprehensive approach to acupuncture, their facility looks just like the physical therapy facilities Cole has worked in over the past several months.  And while we are paying for only an hour of service each day, they are working with Cole about 4-6 hours, free of charge!   They know we are here for only a week, and they are investing much effort to give Cole every advantage of their expertise.  They have a foundation where donations can be made for a tax deduction.  Should you choose to contribute, please notate, ‘Cole Bent’,  so they know the source of the referral.  Please check out their website.


I just finished helping Cole with eye exercises…both eyes are moving!  And right now, he is working on balance–between balance bars–walking forward and backward with needles in the front and back of his head.  He is struggling with being angry today.  Yet even in his anger, he is working…and so is his body!!!

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