Remembering When

18 Jan

Ok, so I’m not exactly living the life I dreamed about.  I mean, I thought I would be in the healthcare field, but I admit my expectations were more in the arena of making money…not doling it out.  I also had the delusion that family money would follow my life.  You know what family money is, it is the kind of peaceful assurance that is provided to the select few in this world enabling them to go off on wild tangents of exploration, or devote their life to philanthropic causes.  Family money even allows for its recipients to casually attempt a blue collar life, because all the while it hangs in the background assuring the foreground of security.  Alas, my family money connection dropped off the planet, in all actuality, the day I was born.

So I am not living out the exact fantasy of my youth (did I mention I still try to live it out even still?), but I am in full enjoyment of the life I live.  Eventhough…

Cole is scheduled to have an outpatient eye surgery this Friday.  He has been suffering severe pain in his eyes and it is all due to two MAJOR factors:

  1. He cannot blink nor completely close his eyes.
  2. He does not create tears.

And though he employs gadgets to help the closing of the eyes as well as utilizes artificial tears CONSTANTLY, it is not enough to completely protect the eye.  So Friday, with the help of a specialized physician, his lower lids will be lifted to not only make my son look more like the Asian I know him to be (I mark every ethnicity box for scholarship purposes–now they won’t have cause to question!), more of the surface area of the eye will be covered.  It is a temporary measure for we still cling to the hope that he will regain his cranial nerve function that causes him the trouble.

Now off I must go…tea with the queen mother, you know.  My stylist awaits and my butler is here to inform me my car is ready.  AAAAhhhhh, life is but a dream!

5 Responses to “Remembering When”

  1. Greg Wilker January 18, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

    i retain the “hope that he will regain his cranial nerve function”!

  2. Greg Wilker January 18, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

    oooohhhhh…. yyyyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh…….

  3. Lisa January 18, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

    If only….. “life could be a dream” da dun da ding dong doo do doo do shabooooommmm Love you!

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