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Princess and the P

21 Mar

This day has come and gone without mercy…

What I thought was going to be my “free” day ended up being a day full of unexpected and lengthy interactions.  They weren’t bad interactions mind you, but unexpected just the same.  And as a result, my kitchen counter is doubling as my office and (un)-filing cabinet.  The pans on the stove are no longer discernible between clean and unclean (not to be confused with kosher, non-kosher).  And my head is a swirl with my old ‘to do’s’, my new to do’s, and all the upcoming potentials (of to do’s).

And this morning, to kick my attitude off just right, I had a realization that I am not a princess!  That is right, I somehow prior to this morning had mentally concluded I was a royal.  But this morning I looked down and my legs were not shaven.  Apparently my shaving maid does not exist and in my new awareness I am now the responsible party for keeping the forest at bay.  However, being that I had not mapped out my morning for such peasant-like, labor intensive duties, I quickly found some (thankfully) clean leggings and sported an outfit befitting my new ‘lower calling’.  So here I sit in the luxury of my facade–(you see, my bed is so fluffy and big it suggests royal palace…you can see where my confusion began)–contemplating my “new” position in life.  Oh dear, that means I will have to shave my legs tomorrow…another job to add to my list.  Now can you understand how this day has come and gone without mercy?  The Lord’s mercy I have received anew this morning, but the day itself has proved brutal!

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