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22 Mar

Today I read a vehicle license plate that asked, “Got Hope?”  And since the owner of the car was posing a random question, I in turn, felt obligated to answer.  “No, hope was yesterday.  Today I ‘got tired'”.

Yet me being who I am–a person who abhors the overuse (or use even), of  lackadaisical terms such as “got (anything)”, especially as those types of faddish word phrases somehow manage to become integrated into everyday language–proceeded to hypothetically chastise the owner of the car and his or her misuse of the English language.

So the rest of my one-woman-soliloquy went something like this:  “…Today I got tired.  But actually I don’t “got” anything because “got” is not something I “have”.  And shame on you for proselytizing incorrect use of language.  I mean really, not any of us “gots” anything!  Did you even learn the language you profess to use?”

Well my rant and rave was a little better in person, just ask Cole, he was there.  Though I don’t know he would vouch for me in the positive…he did keep mentioning something about the mental institution, but I was so distracted by gotting hope that I didn’t pay him any mind.  Or is it, I didn’t pay him no mind?  Or how about, I didn’t pay him a mind?  No, no, no.  It’s, I ain’t got no more mind!

And that folks is a ranting from one tired and cranky Rivka!!!



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