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24 Nov

Those of you who have been ‘serious’ followers of my banter, here on bentrivka.com, will remember the post titled, “100% Cotton Mouth”.  If you have not read that one, please take a moment to skim over it before continuing to read this current post.  The reason being, is that my ‘…cotton mouth’ post referred to my Aunt Hilda…who, today, closed her eyes and left her body.  Her almost 104 year old physical being.  Her spirit is now young again, her voice is strong, her vision is perfect, and her poor, tired feet alight as she moves freely about the Heavens.  My Aunt Hilda is home.  And though she lived a very full life and we rejoice in her peaceful passing, the finality of her time here with us is still a bitter pill to swallow.

I lift my glass to her.  I wear her gloves and purses with a sentimentality not found in a new purchase.  I find enjoyment with every note I write on her secretarial steno pads–from when telephone numbers began with a letter.  I wear her skirts with joyful amusement that I still can.  I value the time spent with her throughout my life.  I will cherish always her “bear” in the game Pictionary, for I could have sworn it was a squirrel…

She is home.  I am grateful.  Though my heart still aches.

February 19, 1908–November 23, 2011

Bless you Aunt Hilda, and bon voyage!

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