A Man, a Woman and a Dog

10 Oct

My personal Tedx

I love women.  I also love men.  I do not believe I have the right to govern over the organs of either gender.  I believe that the decisions a person makes regarding their organs are between the person and God.  And if a person does not believe in God, I believe that too is between that person and God.  I don’t believe hair should grow out from a mans ears, but hair keeps growing.  I’d like not to believe in the wind, but regardless of my intent to hold that belief in truth, the wind keeps blowing.  Disregarding the Creator no more casts the Spirit aside than my own aforementioned fancies sway the hair growth and weather patterns.  I believe my stated opinions are valueless and in no way hold supremacy or even honor that which is supreme.  They are my own statements and journey, and should be accounted as such.

I don’t know why, for so many years, women have been subjugated while men (in general) have not.  I don’t believe to liberate one is to incarcerate the other.  I don’t understand why we state we are a free society when truly all people are not free.  I don’t understand how I can claim a human right for myself and disregard it for another.  I have long wondered, given the history of human beings and their destructive ways, how-on-earth we apply (in the English language) the word “humane” as a positive term.

Where is this questioning coming from? One may ask.  Rivka, why are you going on and on in this way?  What’s your point?  Well, if you are thinking such things, I will explain.  First off, I am a filthy rotten sinner and in need of redemption.  Thankfully I have been redeemed through the blood of the lamb.  With that said, my introspections are result of understanding the darkness within.  If I deny my own inner turmoil then I am nothing short of a liar.  And as I navigate my way through the many messes upon our global society (ISIS, DV, Economic Crisis, political rule, etc.) I cannot fathom the contemplations without first honoring the human struggle at the core of my own being.

The other day, while driving on the I5 freeway (let me just say that the “I” in the I5 equation stands for “Interstate”) clipping along at my normal rapid rate which is typically 15 miles per hour Over the posted speed limit, I spied a woman, a man and a dog walking on the shoulder of this rapid thoroughfare.  The man and woman each pushed their own metal shopping cart (borrowed no doubt from an unsuspecting grocer) with what looked like all of their earthly possessions in tow.  The dog ambled on his own, alongside his human counterparts.  And as these three living beings steadfastly moved forward amongst the speedway just inches to their left, their untold story festered in my mind.  Their plight ignites my interrogations.  Their fortitude, in obvious adversity, nods to the innate character of man (humans).  Their journey became my puzzle.

Connected to the “I5 Three” are the rights each of us is given in this United States of America, rights which have not been wholly honored on the majority level.  As stated in the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I found myself thinking (and rightfully easing up on the accelerator pedal) that the I5 Three were in the same pursuit as myself, though theirs was on foot while I was in vehicle.  I no more deserve the pursuit than they do, just as I no more have the right to take it away from them nor they from me–not here in the U.S.A.  After all, we are not under totalitarianism rule.  And, as human beings, we are in this lot together.  I then quickly move from the brave ambulating strangers to the idea of Rights.  Rights for us all and how women (in general) have been in a consistent struggle, through the ages, to have those unalienable Rights bestowed them.  And through the process and rapidity in which the thoughts disperse within my being, I move quickly to the place of considering how to impact our world so my potential granddaughters are ensured the same consideration as my potential grandsons.  And why, in the first place, is it so tough for people to extend the courtesy of their own freedoms to that of another?

I am grateful to know my Creator.  I am grateful for the teachings of Jesus.  I am grateful that while upon earth The Christ exampled equality to both genders and showed love with impartiality.  I cling to the words of Jesus as stated in scripture, also known as “The Golden Rule” (paraphrased) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Jesus himself was a champion for women and all people.  He lovingly gave us the right to choose–even if the choice made is apart from him.  So why today, in our supposedly westernized civilization, are we still politicizing the female and lording over that particular sex?  Why are some disempowered still by the lack of a Y chromosome?  Why are we wanting to rule over others and by doing so strip them of the same opportunities we are allowed to aspire to?

While I cannot answer the immensity of the questions posed, I can consider them at a level within my reach.  I can start with me.  I avow to pioneer for equality for women as well as pioneer for equality for men.  I will not take on one, without also tending to the other.  However, I will not stand by and quietly allow the rights of a woman to be disregarded while the rights of a man are not.  I will not align myself to “men haters” as that agenda is counterintuitive to the cause.  And I will not stand by and be silent, nor align myself with hypocrisy, within this nation I call home.

October is “Domestic Violence Awareness Month,” my post is in honor of subjugated women around the globe.


6 Responses to “A Man, a Woman and a Dog”

  1. Nora October 11, 2014 at 3:18 pm #

    Well spoken with great passion. I love your rants and I’m right there with ya. Thanks to Ray Rice going viral domestic violence has finally gone public. Now we must begin the culture change that gives women the respect and equal position that men have had for eons.

    • Rivka And Her Wit October 14, 2014 at 8:27 pm #

      Glad you joined in, Nora. Your work at Human Options is a blessing.

  2. sammycon October 11, 2014 at 1:07 am #


    Upon my return,
    I will uncover the sensuous expressions-
    Of each, and every written word.

    Then write of lust and forgiveness,
    Children, Bears, and a butterfly’s afternoon.
    Of the morning’s blue and cold winters dew.

    I will contribute, and scorn.
    Speak well in matters of the heart,
    And bring lovers together at last.

    Make heads roll!
    And set the beasts undone,
    Tell my mind, whatever I wish.

    Sail back to my youth,
    Or fly in distant dreams.

    That is to say,
    Of those who are indigent of thought,
    Never to grasp all that I reveal.
    Then to will you never heed
    The cries of this child.

    -J. Coleman 97

    Rivka, “A Man, a Woman and a Dog”, is very meaningful to me, as I contemplate the condition of all people in my quiet times and wonder if others ponder the same thoughts.
    But of course there are many I think with a smile, then at times feel sad for those that don’t. I very much enjoyed your writhing today, you have a wonderful way of conveying
    your opinion. In some odd way you made me think of a poem I wrote some time ago. Thank you for the wit and my love go’s out to all of you.

    • Rivka And Her Wit October 11, 2014 at 9:15 am #

      Nice work, Jerome. Your abstracts have definitely been passed down the line! I will share your message of love to B & E. Peace to you.

  3. mfincham111 October 10, 2014 at 10:26 pm #

    Rivka, your writing is still amazing to me. I think you could expand your ideals by running for a political office. We sentient beings need cognizant leadership. You are this leader.

    It thrills me on a daily basis to have such caring, honest, sentient adults as my children. You honor me with your presence. I love you.

    • Rivka And Her Wit October 11, 2014 at 9:16 am #

      So glad the Mother is still watching–your and Dad’s influence no doubt.

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