Sitting With Otis

22 Jul

I am sitting here in the Oakland (California) airport awaiting my flight to board.  The song that keeps running through my head is Otis Redding’s, “Dock of the Bay”.  I came to northern California this time for a joyous occasion.  My god-sister had her second son and my stay this past week involved taking on “baby holding shifts” to help her either get some much needed shut-eye and rest, or give her extra time with her toddler to help him with the adjustment of having to share his mommy.  I confess, I am good and tired!  I can honestly say, “good and tired” because this kind of sleep deprived state comes from the elation of holding my nephew into the wee hours of the morning.  Yep, my shift was the 11:00p.m. to 3:00a.m. window.  It was my pleasure to shimmy, shake, rock, bounce, walk, and sing my little 10 day old nephew to sleep and hold him until his stomach announced the change of the guard.  So while I am showcasing some serious bags under my eyes, I assure you they represent a contented joy within me for I was here to experience the, all too fleeting, stage of the precious new born.

Before dropping me off at the concrete curb of the airport, my little sis wanted to capitalize on my presence for one last errand.  She needed to hit the Gymboree Outlet Store.  And with a few moments to spare, we were able to stop at Starbucks for our final departing shot of espresso (only today I required 3 shots!).  Now I don’t know if it is because I am lacking sleep or if it is genuine emotion which comes from a profound realization of how quickly time flies by, but I shed quite a few tears while sipping my java.  My nephew on my shoulder and a Starbucks napkin doubling as kleenex, the thought of leaving my little baby kept the water works flowing freely. A pain, I assure you…especially for a girl (me) who is not fond of crying.  But crying I did and I said my goodbyes while in the coffee shop so that I could dash away emotionally guarded and ready to step into the security mess of the airport standards.  By the way, since when are pilots allowed to show tattoos?  …just asking as one with some serious ink walks by.

My plane boards in 5 minutes…time to seal this memory and get in line.  Nope, it actually boards now…just heard my name called over the loud speaker!


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