Acupuncture–take II & III

10 Jan

How is it I can sleep with needles inserted into my skin?  This is stuff of gross spy/conspiracy type movies…or so I thought!  I mean you should see me…lying on my side, needles from feet to neck (to hands and fingers), holding jars, and completely relaxed.  In fact, on Saturday I woke up midway through–and fell back to sleep.  “Wowwie Zowwie”, is all I can say.  Then yesterday I had another treatment (it was scheduled for Cole and mine was scheduled for today, but he asked if we could flip flop, so I was back there yesterday).  Guess who also came along to meet our newest favorite doctor?  …little Esther Rose.  Let me assure you, though she is small in size, she is one self assured power house of a focused girl.  Because I took on Cole’s treatment appointment, Esther met with Dr. Li (for the first time) by herself.  Esther is also afflicted with migraine’s and other hormonally induced irritants, and this past year we had met with 3 female pediatricians who left Esther feeling like a inconsequential element in her own health.  Their advice to her was narrow minded and condescending, so she took up my offer to meet with Dr. Li.

I will tell you how I know Esther is completely capable of handling herself, when Dr. Li came in to take out my needles, she exclaimed with much excitement and hand gestures, “Your daughter is amazing.  She is so adorable, so focused.  She knows so well her life and direction.  My son is 17 and he hardly knows anything.  I am so impressed with her, I just love her.”  Yeah, yeah, yeah, Dr. Li…get in line!  Esther has had that effect on people since she was a wee babe in arms.  No Joke!  Esther is also a huge baby when it comes to pain.  She only just this past fall had the courage to get her ears pierced.  She was so afraid of the pain, it took her a very long time to get the courage to go through with the piercing.  Which is why when she said she was actually going to go through with, I didn’t believe her and passed her off to my sister.  If you know my sister, you follow through.  Period.

Well Esther felt so confident with Dr. Li, and so included in the “plan of action” for her health, that she scheduled her own appointment for acupuncture for today.  So this afternoon, Esther will take her brother and they both will have treatments at the same time.  …glad I’m not going to be there!

I will tell you that I have been dealing with a migraine (the same one from last week) trying to take over my life.  Now I can’t tell you that one treatment with Dr. Li has been like “magic”.  But I can tell you that I am experiencing a change.  In the past, with a hard hitting, aggressive headache like this one has been, I would not have had as much relief as I am currently experiencing.  In all actuality I have only dealt with debilitating pain and vision difficulties twice in the past 8 days.  Migraine sufferers will understand the significance of that news…those of you who are blessed to be headache or migraine free will just have to take my word for it.  Good changes are happening, and I cling to the hope that she will help me become a non-sufferer of head pain.

And to keep my life ever exciting, as the good Lord likes to do, as a result of Brian (my husband) being laid off we are rolling ever faster in our treatments because our insurance benefits will likely end come February 1st.  Dr. Li is in the “know”, thus the three of us musketeers are on an accelerated treatment plan—which simply means, we are getting as many and as much done now as we possibly can.

I suppose if we begin to resemble Rain-bird sprinklers, while drinking water, we will know it is time to stop.  In the meantime, it is full speed ahead.

P.s. Sorry I’ve got to go without proof reading…catch my errors if you can. 😉

Love to hear from you!

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