Keeping it Real

5 Jan

I have been holding off writing a new entry for the last few days because I am, or was, in process of keeping myself in check.  Not to mention that yesterday I had a migraine and cannot write or pay bills on a migraine day…more to come on that subject in a different post.

Keeping myself in check simply means making sure my intentions are consistent with my heart’s desire.  I might have written on this subject before, or at least alluded to it.  The reason it came up for me again this week is because I took time to read over some of my carepages entries (for those of you new to this world of mine, the carepages entries are from the website where I first began blogging.  See my about page–  When reading the entries, I found myself blown away by a few of the writings…shoot, I’m not even sure how I came up with some of the vocabulary or information I provided in those postings!  Well I do know…I do not write alone.

…Most of you know, I would like to write a book.  In fact, I have several ideas for different writing compilations.  One is fiction, one is travel/food, one is surviving trials, there is a ‘how to’ book, and one is pure satire.  Yet through my perusal of carepages, I realized I want to “keep it real”, or in other words, I want to only write as the good Lord is guiding my pen (so to speak, for literally He will be guiding my keyboard).

Thus taking a few days to make sure my arrogance is locked back in its cage, and my humble reliance upon the gifting of the Holy Spirit back in the lead, is what I chose to do.  My brother asked/accused me of using my reasoning as an excuse to not write…not something I hadn’t thought of either.  Man-o-man, when I am doing some introspecting I leave no corner, nor crevice, un-inspected!  And to answer him and myself, “no…I am not using my introspection as an excuse to not write.”

Now as a mother, wife of Brian (which translates as secretary, art director, style consultant, counselor, friend, companion, lover, and cook–did I mention personal and administrative assistant, accountant and bookkeeper?!), and personal taxi for Cole, sometimes when my time becomes free I am too tired to collect the thoughts I had pondered throughout my day, so in essence, I sell us all short as a result of sheer exhaustion.  …that is an excuse!

So there you have it, keeping it real.  Thanks for listening (reading actually).

Taking time to ponder


2 Responses to “Keeping it Real”

  1. Adrienne Mannis January 5, 2012 at 11:01 pm #

    Love the picture and do what makes you feel good!! You do not need an excuse not to blog!!

    Love, MA

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