Hotel Del

31 Dec

Guess where Brian and I are?  …not the Hotel Del Coronado, though my title would cause you to consider it so.  Actually, Brian and I are staying in a condo-resort across the street from the Hotel Del.  We have a view of the hotel from each of our two bedroom windows.  I am looking at the clock which sits on the sidewalk in front of the Del’s entrance.  We rolled into this little “island” community, yesterday afternoon.  I booked a one-bedroom condo online just the night before we arrived.  And last night, Brian and I both were in bed, asleep, by 7:30p.m.  But let me take you back in time for just a bit…

When I think of  myself, in terms of who I am and what type of person I consider myself to be, I evaluate my external presentation; and my summation leans toward, “low maintenance”.  After-all, my finger nails are unpainted and ill kept, as are my toe nails.  I am wearing no jewelry, though I have plenty to chose from, no watch, and not one garment with a designer logo in view.  Thus I think myself to be a basic, low maintenance person.  HOWEVER, when we arrived and checked into our small and acrid surroundings of the one bedroom arrangement, I quickly stepped out and returned to the front desk to alert the man on duty to the fact that room 211 was NOT going to be mine.  Not that night, nor any night in the future.  And then I consider how we even have this opportunity in the first place, meaning the funds to get away for a couple of nights, and I reconsider my earlier self conjecture.  Let me tell you why…

Wednesday, after the mail arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by a note card addressed to me from my Momma Adrienne.  The note card had a cut out bathtub on the front, and inside was a monetary gift with a handwritten directive, “Go Relax!”.  My Momma Adrienne (aka Momma A, M.A.), is one of the five additional mother-keepers I have had in my life to watch over and guide me, above and beyond my blood related mother (my poor sister does double duty as mother-keeper and big sis!).  Now what kind of low maintenance person requires six mothers? Well since I hate to admit it outright, I’ll beat around the bush…it is possible, just maybe, or perhaps even, that my exterior presentation is merely a scandalous rouse to throw the average person off scent to the possibility, of the maybe, of the perhaps, that I just might be, ever so slightly, somehow connected, though not completely, to the likes of a high maintenance person (hey Ryan and Jillian–ever notice that your family name is hidden within a certain janitorial type word?!)–way to throw my readers off huh?  How was that for a bush?!

Ok, ok, so I seem to require a large amount of looking after, and perhaps this is reflective of me being…uggg, I can’t say it!  But even so, I can’t bring myself to stay at the very “maintenance-y” Hotel Del Coronado.  I just couldn’t justify spending an over-priced amount for a small room with no view.  Plus the addition of a daily parking fee and daily resort fee.  So here we sit, across from the Del in our two bedroom condo.  Today we took a “Rivka Guided” tour of the Hotel Del (which means–as many of you already know–going through unmarked doors, ascending “guests only” staircases, perusing wedding banquets, and lurking on all available balconies; no questions as to how we get on them!).  Essentially, we enjoyed the resort without paying the fee and then had a lovely lie down on the powder soft sand directly in front of the Del.

Apparently, I was in need of a rest, for almost immediately after reading my Momma A’s missive, I was on the computer booking a two day get away with Brian.  I really did need a time to relax.  And as I thought of different options for treating myself, my heart’s desire was to relax alongside my closest best friend…my husband.  You know (or you might not), keeping your spouse as your best friend takes a lot of work.  Actually, to be more specific, a lot of investment into each other.  I am glad we have been making those kinds of investments.  Some years he puts in more, and some years I do.  All in all, here we are, side by side, across from the beauty queen of the San Diego bay, happy and enjoying our down time.  In fact, I will close this post here, for I do believe it is time to cuddle and get some shut eye…it is 7:00p.m.

“Thank you Momma A, Leah, Margie, Connie, Teresita, Zia Kafrin, Fern-ie, Candymoto, Aunt Susie”  …uh oh, the list is longer than I thought–quick, I had better get my nails done!! 🙂

2 Responses to “Hotel Del”

  1. Ryan Nance December 31, 2011 at 6:03 am #

    Whoo hoo! We made the blog. Actually, we have a lil piece of paper on the fridge right now from an ad from a tire store that Ryan deftly cut out the phrase “nance special”. Hotel del Coronado is on our list of places to go. Maybe someday. In the meantime we are thoroughly enjoying your beautiful pictures. Love you friends. Have a wonderful trip and a fabulous New Year.

    • Rivka And Her Wit December 31, 2011 at 3:37 pm #

      I thought of you both, yesterday, as we were laying on the sand watching a pod of dolphins enjoy the, very close, beach break. With Ryan’s aversion to sand, and your aversion to ocean, I wasn’t sure if Her Majesty, the Del, would tickle your fancy. …hhhmmmm, perhaps there is a change a brewing and my land locked friends will frolic the beach with me after all…

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