Traditionally Untraditional

28 Dec

FYI: I began this post three or four times already.  In fact, my title was written on Christmas Eve (though I could not complete a post that evening due to sheer exhaustion).  And the reason I chose my title, “Traditionally Untraditional”, is because the one thing anyone can count on me being, for holidays and the like, is completely non-traditional.  I honestly don’t try to be that way…it just happens!  But now the entire post that I had planned to write has taken a turn, and that is because I have, in the past few days, attempted to write it only to be foiled by a tricky keyboard on my new laptop.

So here I start, the new laptop…though I am currently writing this post at my, bound to the corner desk of my bedroom, computer.  For Christmas, this year, our son gave to Brian and myself a new laptop.  I am very sure his motives were both filled with generosity and selfishness.  It is true he wanted to bless his father and me with a gift that we both desperately needed an upgrade on.  And selfishly, he is tired of having to share his laptop with either of us, and our intrusive ways.  Regardless, both motivating factors have now produced for us, his parents, a cool, new, technological tool/toy.  HOWEVER, as we have experienced in the past with non-Apple laptops (meaning regular PC’s), the mouse pad and cursor are extremely sensitive and actually have a mind of their own.  So every time I attempted to write my posting, the cursor would either jump into the sentence at an earlier position or it would highlight the entire entry and delete it.  Our friend, Michelle, fixed this problem after we purchased a second-hand laptop for Esther (last year), so knowing the issue could be resolved, I went into the control panel and attempted to stabilize the problem.  Well, I didn’t.  I don’t know how.  I will call Michelle back to the rescue of our non-Macintosh lives.  And then, after her magical touch has brought to us, the computer and myself, a new understanding, I will begin taking advantage of the freedom my new tool provides me.  My New Year Resolution?  Start writing a book.

Don’t get too excited, for I am known to push every boundary I can to its outer limits.  Which means I have until December 31st 2012 to begin a sentence…and that might be all I can get a handle on!

One Response to “Traditionally Untraditional”

  1. Nora January 4, 2012 at 5:44 am #

    Traditionally Untraditional seems to be the general order for the holiday season this year. I’m with ya on this one.

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