Dog Haired Maleta

17 Dec

Buddy, our mini canine friend, is accustomed to snuggling each night in the warmth and comfort of Esther’s bed.  It used to be that her bed was low enough enabling him to ‘jump right up’ without assistance.  However, she has since arranged things so that his little legs now need a boost.  Once in a while, in doggy exuberance, he can clear the hurdle and make it to his Shangrila without a tumble, but his instinct tells him its a crap-shoot and late at night he is just not willing to play!

Well last night our Rose (aka Esther), spent the night at a friend’s house.  And since Buddy has a pillow bed in our living-room, which houses him quite cozily, I left him sleeping peacefully there as Brian and I turned in for the night.  This morning when I awoke and came out to start my morning routine I noticed that Buddy wasn’t on his pillow.  So naturally I checked Esther’s bed…no trace of Buddy.  I returned to my bedroom to mention the missing-in-action situation to Brian (who was still enjoying the warmth and comfort of my three down comforter’s and additional two cotton blankets which are standard on our bed–not a favorite of Brian’s but he was enjoying them just the same), when I noticed something odd lying in my, still packed from San Jose, suitcase.  It was Buddy, of course, sleeping soundly on my wool Pendelton skirt and satin slip.  Perhaps I should have unpacked earlier in the week, regardless, Buddy was content and it makes for a cute photo (especially since the newest canine member of our household is so good at commanding the majority of our attention).  And since I am sitting here at Mission Hospital as Cole is in having his MRI’s I thought I would share a ‘sweet nothing’ with you.  Happy Saturday.

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One Response to “Dog Haired Maleta”

  1. Susie Katz December 17, 2011 at 9:38 pm #

    Sounds like Buddy knows a good thing when he sees it!

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