The Nothingness of Life

24 Sep

Tonight I made dinner early because we had a volunteer function to attend from 5-7:00p.m.  Cole stayed home while Brian, Esther, and I helped packaged rice, soy protein, vitamins, and veggies into bags to send to the people in Haiti through the organization, “”.  As a sympathetic effort on my part and to empathize more fully with my, gallbladder surgery recovering sister, I developed a stomach ache right before we left.  Not a great way to start working with food!

Now at the beginning of this week it looked as if my schedule was relatively open.  However, it has turned out to be an intensely busy and emotionally heavy week.  Therefore when our volunteer shift was up, I uncharacteristically dashed to the car in a need to go directly home and have a lie down.  Once home I quelled the urge to book a hotel and flee for the night (and tomorrow morning) and instead jumped into the shower.  As a result of my bypassing the kitchen, Brian came in the bathroom and asked, “Darlin’ would you like a toasted cheese sandwich with a thin slice of turkey in it?”  Now mind you, when Brian is at the helm of the kitchen, especially a toasted cheese sandwich making kitchen, it usually means he is offering a mayonnaise sandwich with the potential of a slice of cheese present (or at least a somewhat identifiable piece of cheese through the mass of the silky, white,  grease derivative).  And turkey finding its way into the slop would be a far fetched idea, thus his mentioning it remains a mystery.  Even with this knowledge, I answered politely, “No thank you.  By the way, you know I made dinner!”  He said, “You did? What did you make?”  So I reminded him that I had made teriyaki meatballs and rice before we had left to the event.  He said, “Oh, I didn’t see them.”  And he went on to eat his toasted “cheese” sandwich.

…he didn’t see them…

In other words, they didn’t present themselves in a manner conducive to gaining his acknowledgment.  Ladies you know what I mean!   They didn’t pop out of their containers and shout, “Eat me, eat me!!”  They didn’t jump on his plate and lie down in submission!  They didn’t heat themselves up in the microwave oven!

You know, they remained unobtrusive, reticent, and ready to be served.


…I am going to find my way to the sofa now.  Perhaps I will have a bowl of cereal.  Not because I am unaware of the meal available to me, but because I am too lazy to get it all together and heat it up.  It is like the preacher at the wedding ceremony when he says, “And the two shall become one flesh.”  He knew what he was talking about!  He was talking toasted cheese sandwiches and a bowl of cereal!

One Response to “The Nothingness of Life”

  1. Gregory Wilker September 26, 2011 at 12:39 am #

    this is a brilliant post!!

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