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Award Alert

26 Oct
Beautiful Blogger Award

Blogging Award, bestowed by other bloggers

I honestly came into the forum of blogging as a means to keep my extended family and friends (though the two are truly one) abreast of how our family is coping with the new life we have come into.  The new life began with the diagnosis, on March 12th 2011, of a hemorrhaging mass on the brain stem of our, then, twenty year old, newly home from a tumultuous combat experience with the United States Marine Corps, son.  Of course we know now that he was enduring the extreme weather conditions and the extreme conditions of combat in Afghanistan, while his body was fighting its own battle…within the brain.

Fast forward to today.  I am now formally inducted, by way of being bestowed a kind gesture of an award, into the blogging world and recognized as a viable presence within this cyber forum.  With the granting of the title, Beautiful Blogger, comes a responsibility to respond in a manner appropriate to the occasion (basic good manners remain a requirement, no matter the space in which one dwells).  And so I dedicate this page to thanking the two bloggers who thought my prose, poetry, and nonsense keen enough to recommend, “Fly on the Wall” http://flyonthewalljamyd.wordpress.com  and “Prego and the Loon” http://pregoandtheloon.wordpress.com  I am truly grateful, thank you both.

Now as required with such an award, some responsibility must follow.  I am to write seven facts about myself…uuuggg…

  1. I like my coffee strong.
  2. If perchance you brew me a pot of joe that resembles, in taste, dirty water, I will not refrain from telling you so.
  3. I like to grind my coffee beans into a fine powder, even when not using them within an espresso context.
  4. Point Break, hole in the wall cafe, on Shelter Island, San Diego, has a very good tasting, regular brewed coffee.
  5. Café Madeleine, in South Park, San Diego, serves the traditional Italian latte, in a glass cup…yum!
  6. Starbucks, though a beacon of comfort for me–a link of sorts to home–does not serve great coffee.
  7. Writing personal information, within a list, is an area in which I need to rebel–remember, I am a rule bender! …so let’s keep it to coffee and me. 🙂

Again, thank you to Fly on the Wall and Prego and the Loon, Prego and the Loon and Fly on the Wall.  You ladies rock my world…and that is a very good thing! 😉

Now off I go, in search of the Velodrome…



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