Baby Daze

12 Mar

Our oven was repaired this last week.  But before it was, our baby-King did some serious traveling!  He landed in the butter dish.  He was taped to the creamer in the refrigerator.  He was found atop my drinking straw.  He spent the night in our K-cup coffee maker, awaiting the first sleepy person to meander toward the necessary morning “fix”.  He visited the tableware cabinet.  He visited the glassware cabinet.  He spent the night in the silverware drawer.  He spent some time on various artwork.  He was tossed around, washed several times, and discussed with both disdain and laughter (sometimes more disdain than laughter).  His was a true adventure!  And though I can now put his traveling ways behind him, (as the oven is ready for use), his last destination is holding him hostage for a while…the sugar dispenser.

Our baby-King was placed in our vintage, glass with stainless steel– screw-on lid, sugar dispenser…the one Brian uses to add sweetness to his black morning brew.  And even though the baby was placed in this cylindrical crystal-like cage when the granules of sugar were extremely low, making for a very visible baby-King, Brian somehow missed his presence.   Thus our “savior” is stuck under a heap of refined sucrose until Brian’s cumulative daily cup-o-Joe can finally release him from his present suppression.

He will rise again, make no mistake of it…and we will be here waiting for him when this momentous occasion does occur!

Love to hear from you!

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